A Better Night’s Sleep Program

Many people have sleep apnea, but may not even know it. In fact, sleep apnea affects more than 3 in 10 men and nearly 1 in 5 women, so it’s more common than you might think.*

“A Better Night’s Sleep Program” is designed to effectively treat the symptoms of Sleep Apnea using clinical skills, and equipment from the industry-leader in sleep mMedicine, ResMed. If you have had a Sleep Study resulting in a diagnosis of sleep apnea, our program of education, treatment devices, monitoring and support are coordinated with you and your physician to provide you with the treatment you need for a better night’s sleep, while significantly reducing the associated risks of sleep apnea.

To get started with “A Better Night’s Sleep Program,” it’s important to recognize some of the common symptoms and understand why you may be feeling so tired. Speak to your physician, and visit a helpful source of information at the ResMed website. Learn how diagnosing and treating sleep apnea can help improve your sleep and overall health.

With our CPAP or BiPap equipment you’ll be able to sleep comfortably through the night and receive the benefits of restful sleep. And with their sleek contours and compact size, the CPAP and BiPap look as natural at your bedside as a clock radio. Replenishment of prescribed supplies is quick and easy with our routine monitoring and documentation.

*Sleep-disordered breathing affects 34% of men and 17% of women aged between 30-70.
Peppard et al. Increased Prevalence of Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Adults. Am J Epidemiol. 2013 (5.17)


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